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Method and system for providing gambling games


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    • G07F17/00Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services
    • G07F17/32Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services for games, toys, sports or amusements, e.g. casino games, online gambling or betting
    • G07F17/3225Data transfer within a gaming system, e.g. data sent between gaming machines and users
    • G07F17/3227Configuring a gaming machine, e.g. downloading personal settings, selecting working parameters
IL237222A 2012-08-14 2015-02-12 Method and system for providing gambling games IL237222D0 (en)

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GB1214511.6A GB2504960A (en) 2012-08-14 2012-08-14 Providing wagering games from a number of gaming operators via a third party system
US13/585,608 US9028322B2 (en) 2012-08-14 2012-08-14 Method and system for providing gambling games
PCT/GB2013/052155 WO2014027193A1 (en) 2012-08-14 2013-08-14 Method and system for providing gambling games

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IL237222D0 true IL237222D0 (en) 2015-04-30



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IL237222A IL237222D0 (en) 2012-08-14 2015-02-12 Method and system for providing gambling games

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