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System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary


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IL224482A 2013-01-29 2013-01-29 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary IL224482A (en)

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IL224482A IL224482A (en) 2013-01-29 2013-01-29 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary

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IL224482A IL224482A (en) 2013-01-29 2013-01-29 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary
US14/167,052 US9639520B2 (en) 2013-01-29 2014-01-29 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary
US15/451,951 US9798714B2 (en) 2013-01-29 2017-03-07 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary
US15/704,702 US10198427B2 (en) 2013-01-29 2017-09-14 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary

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IL224482A IL224482A (en) 2013-01-29 2013-01-29 System and method for keyword spotting using representative dictionary

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