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Orthodontic method and devices


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    • A61C7/00Orthodontics, i.e. obtaining or maintaining the desired position of teeth, e.g. by straightening, evening, regulating, separating, or by correcting malocclusions
    • A61C3/00Dental tools or instruments
    • A61B17/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods, e.g. tourniquets
    • A61B17/16Bone cutting, breaking or removal means other than saws, e.g. Osteoclasts; Drills or chisels for bones; Trepans
    • A61B17/1604Chisels; Rongeurs; Punches; Stamps
IL217998A 2009-08-11 2012-02-08 Method of moving a tooth to a desired position, a hand held perforating device for drilling minute perforations and a kit for providing the components for carrying out osteoperforation IL217998A (en)

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US27390009P true 2009-08-11 2009-08-11
PCT/US2010/002202 WO2011019382A1 (en) 2009-08-11 2010-08-11 Orthodontic methods and devices

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IL217998D0 true IL217998D0 (en) 2012-03-29
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IL217998A IL217998A (en) 2009-08-11 2012-02-08 Method of moving a tooth to a desired position, a hand held perforating device for drilling minute perforations and a kit for providing the components for carrying out osteoperforation

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