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Application level access privilege to a storage area on a computer device


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Qualcomm Inc
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IL16039502A 2001-08-13 2002-08-13 Application level access privilege to a storage area on a computer device IL160395D0 (en)

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US31217701P true 2001-08-13 2001-08-13
PCT/US2002/025750 WO2003017682A2 (en) 2001-08-13 2002-08-13 Application level access privilege to a storage area on a computer device

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IL160395D0 true IL160395D0 (en) 2004-07-25



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IL16039502A IL160395D0 (en) 2001-08-13 2002-08-13 Application level access privilege to a storage area on a computer device

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