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IL15358501A 1995-11-16 2001-07-13 Immunosensor IL153585D0 (en)

Priority Applications (5)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
US61643300A true 2000-07-14 2000-07-14
US09/615,691 US6638415B1 (en) 1995-11-16 2000-07-14 Antioxidant sensor
US09/616,512 US6632349B1 (en) 1996-11-15 2000-07-14 Hemoglobin sensor
US09/616,556 US6444115B1 (en) 2000-07-14 2000-07-14 Electrochemical method for measuring chemical reaction rates
PCT/US2001/022202 WO2002008763A2 (en) 2000-07-14 2001-07-13 Immunosensor

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IL153585D0 true IL153585D0 (en) 2003-07-06



Family Applications (4)

Application Number Title Priority Date Filing Date
IL15358301A IL153583D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-06 Electrochemical method for measuring chemical reaction rates
IL15358201A IL153582D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-12 Homoglobin sensor
IL15358401A IL153584D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-12 Antioxidant sensor
IL15358501A IL153585D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-13 Immunosensor

Family Applications Before (3)

Application Number Title Priority Date Filing Date
IL15358301A IL153583D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-06 Electrochemical method for measuring chemical reaction rates
IL15358201A IL153582D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-12 Homoglobin sensor
IL15358401A IL153584D0 (en) 1995-11-16 2001-07-12 Antioxidant sensor

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