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Error injection apparatus and method


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    • G06F11/00Error detection; Error correction; Monitoring
    • G06F11/22Detection or location of defective computer hardware by testing during standby operation or during idle time, e.g. start-up testing
    • G06F11/26Functional testing
    • G06F11/273Tester hardware, i.e. output processing circuits
    • G06F11/277Tester hardware, i.e. output processing circuits with comparison between actual response and known fault-free response
IL13526900A 1999-09-09 2000-03-26 Testing of multinode computer networks by error injection IL135269A (en)

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US09/393,584 US6560720B1 (en) 1999-09-09 1999-09-09 Error injection apparatus and method

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IL135269D0 true IL135269D0 (en) 2001-05-20
IL135269A IL135269A (en) 2004-07-25



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IL13526900A IL135269A (en) 1999-09-09 2000-03-26 Testing of multinode computer networks by error injection

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US (1) US6560720B1 (en)
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US6560720B1 (en) 2003-05-06
IL135269A (en) 2004-07-25

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