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Message broker providing a publish/subscribe service and method of processing messages in a publish/subscribe environment


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Provided is a message broker and a method of processing message content within a publish/subscribe message distribution service. The message broker and method extends publish/subscribe service capability to heterogeneous communications networks in which different subscriber systems can have very different capabilities in terms of their multimedia presentation capabilities, processing capabilities and storage capabilities. The broker modifies the content of messages received from publisher application programs to conform to the subscriber system capabilities prior to distribution to subscriber applications. The broker is adapted to identify characteristics of the content of received messages and to use this information to determine which of a set of message handler modules to pass the message to. Derived messages are generated by the selected message handler module and sent to subscribers for which this message type or message content has been requested. A multimedia processing module is preferably selected in response to identification of certain multimedia content. <IMAGE>
IL13515600A 1999-03-19 2000-03-17 Message broker providing a publish/subscribe service and method of processing messages in a publish/subscribe environment IL135156D0 (en)

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GB9906231A GB2348025A (en) 1999-03-19 1999-03-19 Message broker providing a publish/subscribe service and method of processing messages in a publish/subscribe environment
GB9912901A GB2350758A (en) 1999-06-04 1999-06-04 Message broker providing a publish/subscribe sevice and method of processing messages in a publish/subscribe environment

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IL13515600A IL135156D0 (en) 1999-03-19 2000-03-17 Message broker providing a publish/subscribe service and method of processing messages in a publish/subscribe environment

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