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Configurable hybrid medium access control for cable metropolitan area networks


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The hybrid medium access control (MAC) system is configurable to the type of communication required to support a desired application or service. The MAC system analyzes services requested from a settop terminal, or a network controller client, and determines the best MAC component for transmitting signals upstream based on the resources required by the service and the available network resources. A portion of the upstream channel spectrum is allocated to each of the MAC components: 1) POP; 2) assigned static TDMA; 3) assigned dynamic multi-rate TDMA; and 4) random slot reservation - dynamic slot allocation TDMA. Depending upon the communication requirements of the service desired, the configurable MAC system will select the MAC component best suited to support the service. A frequency agile transmitter is then tuned to the channel which has been preallocated for the selected MAC component(s). As communication traffic varies over time, the system reallocates portions of the upstream channel spectrum among the different MAC components and may also reconfigure a specific MAC component. <IMAGE>
IL11722196A 1995-02-28 1996-02-22 Configurable hybrid medium access control for cable metropolitan area networks IL117221D0 (en)

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US39532595A true 1995-02-28 1995-02-28
US08/402,007 US5572517A (en) 1995-02-28 1995-03-10 Configurable hybrid medium access control for cable metropolitan area networks

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IL11722196A IL117221D0 (en) 1995-02-28 1996-02-22 Configurable hybrid medium access control for cable metropolitan area networks

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