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Pattern recognition method and system


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    • G06K9/00Methods or arrangements for reading or recognising printed or written characters or for recognising patterns, e.g. fingerprints
    • G06K9/00852Recognising whole cursive words
    • G06K9/00865Recognising whole cursive words using stroke segmentation
    • G06K9/00879Recognising whole cursive words using stroke segmentation with probabilistic networks, e.g. hidden Markov models
IL10926894A 1994-04-10 1994-04-10 Pattern recognition method and system IL109268A (en)

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IL10926894A IL109268A (en) 1994-04-10 1994-04-10 Pattern recognition method and system

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IL10926894A IL109268A (en) 1994-04-10 1994-04-10 Pattern recognition method and system
US08/418,530 US5982929A (en) 1994-04-10 1995-04-07 Pattern recognition method and system
AU22805/95A AU2280595A (en) 1994-04-10 1995-04-10 Pattern recognition method and system
PCT/US1995/004292 WO1995027954A1 (en) 1994-04-10 1995-04-10 Pattern recognition method and system

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IL109268D0 true IL109268D0 (en) 1994-07-31
IL109268A IL109268A (en) 1999-01-26



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IL10926894A IL109268A (en) 1994-04-10 1994-04-10 Pattern recognition method and system

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