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Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination


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biostimulative illumination
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IL10877294A 1994-02-24 1994-02-24 Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination IL108772D0 (en)

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IL10877294A IL108772D0 (en) 1994-02-24 1994-02-24 Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination

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IL10877294A IL108772D0 (en) 1994-02-24 1994-02-24 Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination
CA 2130308 CA2130308A1 (en) 1994-02-24 1994-08-17 Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination
US08/292,717 US5683436A (en) 1994-02-24 1994-08-18 Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination
EP19940306130 EP0672435A1 (en) 1994-02-24 1994-08-19 Apparatus for treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination
JP20649694A JP3635108B2 (en) 1994-02-24 1994-08-31 Rhinitis treatment device

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IL108772D0 true IL108772D0 (en) 1994-05-30



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IL10877294A IL108772D0 (en) 1994-02-24 1994-02-24 Treatment of rhinitis by biostimulative illumination

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US (1) US5683436A (en)
EP (1) EP0672435A1 (en)
JP (1) JP3635108B2 (en)
CA (1) CA2130308A1 (en)
IL (1) IL108772D0 (en)

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