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    • C07D457/00Heterocyclic compounds containing indolo [4, 3-f, g] quinoline ring systems, e.g. derivatives of ergoline, of the formula:, e.g. lysergic acid
    • C07D457/02Heterocyclic compounds containing indolo [4, 3-f, g] quinoline ring systems, e.g. derivatives of ergoline, of the formula:, e.g. lysergic acid with hydrocarbon or substituted hydrocarbon radicals, attached in position 8
    • A61P35/00Antineoplastic agents
IE1221/75A 1974-06-06 1975-06-03 -thiomethylergolines IE41474B1 (en)

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US477136A US3901894A (en) 1974-06-06 1974-06-06 8-thiomethylergolines

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IE41474L true IE41474L (en) 1975-12-06
IE41474B1 IE41474B1 (en) 1980-01-16



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IE1221/75A IE41474B1 (en) 1974-06-06 1975-06-03 -thiomethylergolines

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