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The invention relates to the procedure for the preparation of cementitious cellulose-containing concrete products with reduced water uptake properties, with the use of a component of high cellulose-content. According to the method of the invention the cellulose-containing component, cement, water and optionally a homogenized mixture containing known additives are suspended before curing with 1-20 wt% vegetable oil by weight of the mixture, as a step of manufacturing the concrete product.


FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a process for the production of cementitious concrete products having reduced water uptake properties using a high cellulosic component. The process according to the invention is characterized in that the homogenized mixture containing the cellulosic component, cement, water and optionally known additives is suspended in vegetable oils prior to solidification in a step of 1-6% by weight of the vegetable oil as a step in the concrete product manufacturing process.

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A. cover them. therefore, over the decades of obscurity, viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy-fe declbbe to fen-type responder would be useful for solutions of cellulose-containing wastes. As a potential technical area for large-scale utilization, the main construction industry, ee on tsrkleten : is a foooali Need to create an economical, well-insulated and stable building material which, while being economical, also renders waste cellulosic wastes environmentally friendly. possible, e \ 1M d nm -y »kp chfet '\ <0 -t \", o \,>> s teg> 1 mk material has already been written in the patent literature, most of which is in the papery concrete papererete) making and utilizing shirt <'k „x> x VO -Λ''ή'?'ίχ> Γ x' 3 'h í' - U. k ς I? \\? \ »CC x \\ e \ '

Ibsen's sophisticated ancestral wyagot, which from foamed polycarbonate 11-25 tnamgőkb pappnzosl 0-35 Wmeg% K omml <30-75 sqm konl 015- tbm high-l'l-l'o-l'o-l'o-l'o-l'o-l'o'o'o -IS Ibmegs from water (25-50 seedlings), some air, paraffin oil emulsion (0-10% by weight) and rubber emulsion (0 x '^' x '}, \' <\ X 'X 'VX 5 xx XJ xx x. ,, x' XX, .- x? X x.

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In U.S. Patent No. 200Ó / 0022373, eta'ada '.mr.sís is an apparatus for depicting an element of agricultural waste elkex.oteP χοωο; additives: and kexChildren toixgdxtosaganiak without kA'Ivse.

US Patent No. 2MK / 02S2Ó32 patented extinguishing sets for concrete elements anti-timing woehovt e'xxsgxilu .o. η \ ΐθ'Κη.'2 '> xaasbop <n \ x \ opxx women solved by covering χχννοοχοχοί s ovo Ιην-ροοη tvhls.

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The high cellulose tannaipfo hulfoé, alkaline treatment of the raw materials make the p.?nFV xrarno <Ox Os adlak '': <xt eoagx't l '\ cn merm das * fon · 1 a. Hl? ! ao t ', Xi? .x 5e J ~, oi \ '<xP x \ V s> \ .1 xxbx -, ·,;. noe * χ'χ X tkx »! \ d MX> xn, ^ Px 'K .. X i X vx'í. '' ,, χ. χχχ-x 'V \'"V ϊ χ '\ <\ χι x., xj x> a» kx »tx" mx «η. *, bee l ..X' \ x ο'χ x„ \\ u ex x "'xx and nCx'CV xx u'x"<.'xix \ xéxt x \ u \ ! xx v v ri'x'x χχ -><smet'xMiK, further utilization of the priesthood is imagined.

\ íen.nekbm 'more <ttkv? ett nna-lda-nk cc-s. hunger, d etmn e'mmMhah ', kv is the behemoth seen, procedures ,. or the product itself provides such a highly drier material with a deep insulating effect. oh, light, but the owl is very sensitive. All vapor: teksMetétes, tntnd, the environmental precipitation is cracking, and cracking for Bgy,

All of the solutions described above are such as sulfur. sxove smk '\\ v \ front you \ e *'\> - 4! A '' \ -. _n -,> »-. >. m »O '* got, else; parts are more like slip-proofing of the finished product (bowl, etc.), which deals with meditation. A mixture of materials »which, at the same time, produces a water repellent effect during manufacture, that other pressures, heat and printing strength, and phonetic features, including vapor diffusion and flammability mythologies, do not change substantially, a'odalotnhoi not known

The edges of the present bar are therefore cavities of the eehol vapor storage. elaboration of a recovery bin for the use of very intact and insulating materials: assured, and fomnaA ß tmimlva fake asakeft. mar pubitxu t move hair with s.sus.u-m.h-se, that is, while producing concrete products, the secret of se -. vapor bar Beige and islandmmehankn; data. k shake it ,. c <a vm-ism -'- kepvssegm.mimau / aiasa'-al

Surprisingly, we found it. that the cause is not achieved by using water repellents according to the invention, but by using vegetable oil added to the mixture during the manufacturing process. This solution is surprising to my chair's hell; : also: it is well known fact that ,, n ,, as cellulose fibers pagfrdátálék, agricultural hnhadékok (knkorieaszár, knkoőeaoaő, napmlbrgő sucks peel and plate) capable of plant-ela ek.á nmgk.'nm aloft <ennn the v. % 'vnmi.uokbo' m. ig> \ ee'oe m- mamákul vwí xO / \ mdm \ \ v ~ m. oe, n,>.? tm », i '. 1 - .. w <·. OxO, t ( >

ancient, hydroioh 1 oil) derivatives, can not be wetted, so it is possible to use an essential dressing, in my mind e au * fvvmvpo bem e > \ mes s „m, -é'e. . ^. mvhnek konoehee elbengé this rnz, make vegetable oils water repellent, megahapitoliék, get the bemnlpar razor adakm.en tga. mmd ro \ ény- '• ugs ahao LnAmeodek elder,> bcn n sasselenelve.a derivatives, Surprisingly, joylintt results in the invention, however, not using the derivatives already prepared, but: tel. and used vegetable oils.

The invention relates to method Tekai reduced viziélvéteü tokgdeaságő eebnlőz, containing: ^ YV'vk "me"'KVxe 1 l \ mr n-'vvM.on> mL v> rm \ mn \ ^ <-> to be moved to said method. its essence is that it contains component, eetnantel, water and given veben '-because .mmukkanmna, n hold m vv wvuatt -. saru o a't n ne yenyf oils as a step in the process for preparing the beroar products, the IMS mass calculated by weight of the mixture A elor, v> cn io am, -, gfo 0,0 cv o 'tpo'. \ .m, - -pen.oe urk

Preferably the cellulosic component is a cellulose powder. paper sludge, plastic reinforced paper, '0m $ timwt-papi' paper ; watering plant waste and other seeds such as kernels and corncob fronds afeimazunkí

It is also advantageous for the cellulose-based component to be derived from waste materials,

Aluminum-paph-plastic combination high paper tarulmu suitable for boiling liquids oa-mg-A da ^ alckat fov-omfouk

Afoeoy. ohm 5: .f, i get this tafovbea degree napmfoo. Lset, knkorar ,, o Am mgeéökpat, or happaq. Is used (the latter is otherwise hazardous Hazardous waste), \ í.dafo «. 'Atenc J koahho az AjanrAfo e ed fomt bommemaA,} lkabu.', 'Aa ,; kcov ny ubeton elöál u mKoz (under light concrete, the oznteáfom .2ÖÖs3i ^ 0; refers tastsprúsőg wedges) .This folálmépy further aspect: generating the tniéimáiry ezarmb procedure concrete product at · kolmmAkt lafozoeiefoek, M őAvdgy tdkgsAgetefö panels ^ or slabs előállhásá ^ cz these products have a snow conductivity of 0.09-0.12 W / mK and soundproof.

When designing the solution of the present invention, first of all, the residual source of carbon should be carbon? e - ·, ai fo el 'u »\ k, e'<"'e-"uorv>na't> tr ·, e, \ * ν> -c k- e <A o determined the wettability of the dry ingredients their integration into concrete technology and the widespread use of concrete. appropriate curly, ", aí '\ y e'<<>'' fo '·'\>Γκ""e'i" e.-, wom \ g>, »' · eop, graft) mixing and <tcak 'kan> oc yes

We've been escorting you into your pebble chemist; gsgieigeaá paper slurry, one of sludge sludge, eebuldé powder, mbasyag safe-fortified paperleafs, groats admtlmnmpepir-mild backbone: frothy old milky bodokok guards agricultural mogel granules, guards already water for cement bonding λ, -, ρχ n, en.

The following examples illustrate the primary proportions of comgene fraction used in the preparation of a cellulose-containing concrete mixture. In the examples, the bulk strength of the mixture is obtained or vofofoeophys are used. addition of cases and additives See other parts of the water, water-absorbing ·· feature was improved by additives.

Example A

PapiKszag KélioMz «crying raw material)

The mixes were done by the kWfezs iwpw fömegsrfe> 4> an

An experiment would work k 5th 4th cement there Az \ tz ke.eAA; 1:44 2: 4: 1 5: 4: 4 \ V. neez .UAsag : I KArC 1kz 2.5 N W 5 C> ·: ' : VlnBack OAg / kg: δ, Skg ; kg Abkgikg OCkg / kg \ 't get you aJzie.zxs A? 'Kg kg OAkg / kg Q..akg. : kg OAkg / kg

Measurement of printing strength and vúfeMtel is measured over a period of 28 days of curing and drying, κ A \ .e 'Ά' \ \ g. ο * a vx \, s a'- kou * vk eae \ '* γ? c \ o \ - \ \ ednbagwko things: but on the water, on the line of WíeWtél abliyedtd tediak The PbSllyMt nona taoa.aK \ eg \ ke e ^ 'z «4 r ^ an-ntA f> wi, .r..xη, meta: e: O'gx'.tzs'' \: znod a'.An. \ bán.

Cellulose powder (my cellulose stocks are my raw material) \ who is it? replacementra 'u \; c; keOtesese: a ko \ eo \ e.ze \>: negatnn \ bao 'Ζρο <Ό. \ a

Sorry for the little ones d ....................... ιτ ..... 8th :; enstenbéeliníbzAiz riio ......... 1: 1: 5 ) 2 :: 155 / '1 ? 4.5 Nyrnnöszdárdság 1 N rn ' 1 KW 5k no \: tf Víziéivétel O.bkg / kg ikSkg kg b.bkgAg OAkgAg Water buy with additive) 0.4kg / kg OAkg / kg O.akg / kg 0,4kg / kg

'w> a \'', v. \? x \. '' e v '\ ^>, \ t <. , -? vt »w - n ^ '- ocz ... zc <>« a paz »» »' ap shart · 'in ^ ag tan. ho é'o. igj / initttA A «nono * z at« g es z vz'.eoeA 1 ^ ztAVt 2az., <s \ λ> „sz. ' no, 'ο Η Αι, Ά', Ιν,> k \> i »ok> u v \ s' s \ \ <ζ stone is also a kegéaziiepíft ... .Gagizbeíen keekák ndodogyibo Aszott a.vízao. áe the previous atsark s <'t s. · \ Χν x '4, e, J <c''<i<\ e \ ev -,, <e A v', \ v »'xat» at \ é''\ mi »u. X i \ 'rnw * ím.

Old material: aröstiese pgetezztag. (eeiMöz «tahié elpp material)

Mixing of plastic-coated pearls &nbsp; &follows; .tbtwgsr ^^ bao \ ege? 'ük it

Accompaniment se.zna 9th 10 II. It sits. oereeoi / ceLl foé The water 1: 1 A : 1: 055 2: 05: 4 riíöAÁ :: Áyotabszíiár & Clearance Mar 1 1 R'rfo R eV : 4 RW Vízíelvétel: Ofokg / kg ! kg ; ÖAkg / kg 05kgfog Vizíelvétél; additive Ofokg / kg : 04 kg / kg OfoZgOíg Ofokgfo g

The plastic fibers reinforce the water absorption of paper bands; lower, mim a \ O <H, 5 Φ as, 'Os', '>>> * ex' κ 'xs <.k | \ \ vvít VX' · u, >> vs, (, water additive for 21 days millet ee drying Here's the songs, but since these systems contained much less water, the emema was also faster The plastic-fiberized pagtrsíaggzí made ready-to-water waterbetween the little ones had a baseball with it. hillbilly mountain retention was much mgyrtfeb worthy of her bed zz viztriewy4 nga footage this three times longer retet earlier. The eboo of the Eisoliiyed zetsetarabs in the case of vvv evenings kept it fors 4e, all in hangers, reted afokjekbare

Example D> 'CU en π v'it w-r, m' e. a>, eo Ja, tetem,. ,> Al \,> £ '

Your mixes with aloowierepapine mixing were done at the following rate.

: Ifo reaches for shit 1 Annex Ia. 14th 15th horse. cernmvcelkáéz / water ....................... 1: 15: 4 1: 1: 4 245 4 44 Seeds for cultivation I / R / pfo: 2 \: r ' 4 The self Oh fooV RizBlvéiel 0.4kg / kg O.ákgfog >> degree R Ofokg / kg : Water belts with additives ............ '' degree \ e Ofokgfog OJ kg / kg Ofokg / kg

The experiments conducted with Bominbas-gapV-nnNet all the large amounts of wbointiafe made to cellulosic powder have a very small effect on the cellulose powder. our first attempt, where we had to make sure that around 3 of his hernia did not crack, he did not ee. up on this lake, the setting speed and s drying are faster voife. Let's add everything, a. tabteatbsn omitted: AtMEt) g was added to the composition. Accordingly, more sophisticated tests are also successful »% e A '<? X' λ i \ t <x - e <t \, ·.> E 2 x xse \ o ex za χ, vm \ \ i ee \ U oav s, e · »'''ve \ mee'e -, e, s A t? s' \ h' - 'e»' Mkuv \ ! et \\, names \ water uptake studies were supplemented with a swimming test. The paplrbcton cubes all floated on the water, but compared to the previous experimenter, the wetlands were very slow: the rain started very slowly apllyadpi and floated for a long time, none of the oily oahoadarsöz fell, retained ibrm. ; mind << h \ t oA? ' m. in each of these forms, the ayoma fiber is ePokvt .1 feliwvtO 'v; alkom · ,,, ’v ·; ; pc V * '> b, soh,

Example E

Vie''VAZ-feoog 'mezbe -hxrvm AeKeloe Utjbr a' ,, pn> igs The agricultural blends were made in the following 0 mass ratios;

He was going to have some dinner TB 18 ARC 20 cement cells' / w :: 1, 5.5. 1: 1: 5 2: 1: 5 5: 1: 0 V, et '! > x „,’ cmyv 2 bI nt 2 N / m f t ; A nfe 5 lAnA k price square etel _____________________________ OJkg / kg I tvekgAg r, 4kg OAkg / kg i Water reception with additive tijkgrkg : Ofegig b, 2kg / kg oAkgAg

Experiments on agricultural shell powder were a mixture of experiments with aluminum-paprika-cellulose association and cellulose powder. The kernel guarded me i seZ lé 'marra xh tn'CL evet a uellcke' ym, ele nmbet, nma a tatvr, a, \ \ <- ,, 00! from dry matter due to the dry matter in this case : in the case of taste rain slabs for the use of flat skis in the amount of it, in it. this is a case in point, the table says' Sx / rteteb-te, VvAmetdek íderteseo Ι.χ Ί In this,; 'va eeonfev: sOalom mvsemtexcn Insül legoagy'hb mcmnovuken the cement ned \ msA-vre ex aet'ieufe''»us mu -.aío: rain etek e floating hsericti. ok wan ozn Kdöm dgvhnu'k noo how? keV is requested, t ne you \, \ 'em «.-,' v. eg -. 'ke X''e * <no, \ <>X' e. s <'''' for \ ox <\ bond é <; the do formed olvezeléséhez: The binding z'besszg and drying same as in the first '"e' \ <J tx ex \ \"c'w 4 IE cx. disregarding 'u 5 ' ee '-x ke íx' \ 'standard 2S days of curing and drying! ) 4 oi tn jv ot \ 'Áxe \ \ \ - mow 1 \' * \>. »U u> \ \ each concrete duo is a jute in the water, but- in the bases of the previous exception, water intake

i. x \ '<' taste ', \ ν' \ Λ · \ 'x.dit x y *. Thanks to Jx od 'X \ pei' c <e ability for complete obsession with sex ·, wheel salt A. did not fall apart, kept our horseradish, tnind iérfegKokhan, all slaéjukbsn, tv example

Ground rye duck p (: raw material containing zinc)

The mixing with the ground knurea was carried out in the following proportions

; Experiment number db 22nd 23rd \ t vet \ x> .J x y ): 1.5: 4 1: 1: 4 2: 1: 5 2: 1: 5 Myomószilárdság, 2 Women ' i the hell 5 Ms. o \ 're water uptake OgtkgJg b.5kg / kg tgdkgvs 0, Vhdel buy with additive = ......... ojdgjg Jd kg Jg () 2kgJg ÖJkg / kg

\ i, '· 4 x>' \ be! . \ n v ί, -χα Ci í \ · i vK \ vv? n · ~ k ^ r Zx are all breezes of water, which is the bompgenúáy, meekanikid tetzidonsugck field agreed. Mixing was a bit easier. it was easier to achieve what consistency we could pour into a purr. The ground knknrieacstdka sere -removed a lot of waters mini at the Eeb Institute gon but more than that. association. There was no need to reduce the amount of menus with the use of an inoculum. The setting speed and drying were the same. in the first three experiments. We do not measure the compressive strength and water uptake by leaving the speed of bonding slightly higher than the standard 2h sunbath and filtering out after a while. \ '.n'tbbend: M / sgdanJ.u cg) ot .is, kne? lettelv k.eges.mum, \ A papAmmo Vxv>?' το. e 'aCx'-λ,. ,, ve a' \ m'cí \ 4 , u \ ewr,, 'ΓΛ.χ,'W'X'a<\<began to söllveduL and floated for a long time in e, water ., The ground coke beans. it is clear that complete sinking did not occur in this case either. None of the specimens fell apart. · their shape, mmd in volume and shape.

A fluidizing agent was also used to make the finished bed, for the purpose of ring-bonding and unbound water in a ring-shaped disco. Its amount is 90-120g · - 6-9kg wet ev \ * \ ψc v <. xv s x \ t. x, {xx \ x, i or y .. '> i η \, \ s ..' m 'i, so the drying times are also shortened.

In the spirit of reducing Maiéi reception, our commercial waterproof .Mukkan agol koz.sí '.s ktípípó bump tx'm'.ekcs \ ke ^ maturation k.smleteUt m ndcgy.kv,. üssv'Cc. -. <x d> A 'e ~'. 'mos. » 1 A o or>'«, ... ek dó '.' i, ubíM..d kv / ed ro 'ct:.''& tr ..'? ns vAbctd 40.otefoo \ ^ a .obar. <'μλ' \ λ 'ke' xbc * '\ w Ox x, ike \' \,. v <Atí .íre.'A. , mg \ 'C, t, \ te,: t .o \ cn \' oiászk .'- sedmet. «·. ? ο.χ''Ά, \ bertt, .aak

They have been experimentally tested with the highest degree of oleaginous matter for each base material.

Claims (6)

  1. Example 1
    In the papafosor, we acted as follows d:
    To the already pulp 4kg of paper slurry, 3kg of cement was added and homogenized with vigorous stirring. To the finished mixture was added 1 Sög commercially available waterproofing additive which is a barrier for the treatment of the leprosy. The lymphatic system does not mix its mixture into form. We did it with the 3: 8 rw didi - the water galaxy. The vofofolefin also does not: the additive is checked for 300 g of SOÖ g, or 3 µm »d.
    test it out: it is a degree. vegetable oialdkkfo, mim sunflower oil ·, corn. \. n, - <YCO.d, t \ 5. «», 'na''mm-Ac \ k ^ / bucn cu'.ok't ..vm \. '' am; .r lv \ c \ c't. to homogenized concrete pulp: barley sponge phosphorus 1: OfodM-fobgg plant lead was added and homogenized under stirring. Then the mold is molded. and db daily scattering.b> etaa mutuk \ vkfoevb \ b ' ! go grab dkes / nert ruined, v ..- fobomdook reduction was not new, only 3 oz of water is taken by tel .1 kg papi froth which n looking for a waterproof additive band larger than 2Green and ogg samples alikeIfl bf vfofol buying products, which is a ready-to-use oil pouring in 2 ½ ml of oil;
    'Ue \' soöcko. '. <χ ο ^ a * .- 'A x M w <arch> \ fo', .. sex, \ o reskeddmr forgalombsnAepnafo tonoékekkei eye: this béremzzor -hatékonyabb.
    Λ \ ί
  2. 2 ,. example
    In the case of cellulose powder, this is the case
    The Ottoman evening k ^ mlh, · 'λ' t. ? d d v:, v-jh · A p e e n d e p e r e d, p a p p s s s s s s g r e g s up to 1: ktoaskodaemhen caviar spoil, moh brakes tous / pem tokom medtev \ kfiotogemríes traveler to the little term omeo needles. and after 3 days, we did the examinations. Süli padi 400 gom infused with urine from non-adjuvants compared to a sample We made the same double pass! plant with shea oil, mini sunflower oil. corn oil, rapeseed oil, used. Although the oil in the series that we have already presented with paprika soaps, the results were very similar, the 2-day drying time was dampened with vtotol stove, IbOg-oa could be refined with water-soluble water, '- ί weutss. mega? '• ok <, o> tv r ukox .. vdb ,,,, o ved, d lka geo enov A os,', v \) c ,,, -z'srnk '' gye:? · ,,. ' } 'Λ' bUg ·,> moh etek préda>, <mk, nob teL'.tteto. skamonyubh. mim which can be assured by the merchandise available on the merchant
  3. 3, pokla
    For reinforcing the mtom in the case of paper bands, the following is the pattern: harness For papacy use 0 Jkg of tape and dkg of water & mh, slowly add 3kg of cement to the moth. Subsequently, the experiments were performed as described above, with 150g of \ eoea ''. v oeoto, \. . \ „, Yo> 'Cep ^ x ^ -. e h \> A ~ to x áfMlgem ssbkkmt The benefits of our animal with vegetable oils are further oiled by Ibiig, oil! you can add: taking 4 (M) g of water per kilogram, 20 (1 and 3 (Ml) of herbs with oil this is still a lot to eat. b.Mlg \ v / tbo for you.
  4. Example 4
    In the case of aluminum-paper muan wag, the following procedure was followed:
    Ikg papsin phenazole was mechanized with dkg water and then. for climbing dkg oétoehtát ié tg to \ é ( \ <\, em ox \ m <o ·> í * 'v \' λ 'o! \' m \ c \ t
    -; fi 'adauo.tUíA iödg xemAeoe'.fiU'hfio available \ uwuo umhkiA rv \ load - ma' peu Vkoso oh 'oh »' \ noo \ '! o oaa.m, a \ a koow-. , οοη, ζοο ooteto kΌ m. iei'C'-e '-hegetow the exams. The water buy is not included, but it is not raining at all compared to the sample, please do not. the accompanying meal was done, el vegetable otzjPkkM as sunflower oil, woodcake oil:, rapeseed oil, utilized sytole. You do not change the osteotolol of the asbetog: three hot oil pulps of the hot mixed pulp, mixed with marl, are homogenized by mixing IbdtoÜOdiig vegetable oils, and totoozly are mixed with water, water is added to horseradish, and sunflower oil is added. it did not go down stkerrei, 20ea i »» «8 up» ftg paperWlon ·, A 2ÖSgms &. a 3S0gfeP mh>
    , \. i; ea \ X, '\ \ k s \ v e <íL \ A? '' ·, \ .M o v - '. κοά '- Compared to uaexonona of' trafficOv 'νν \ ^' \ uk.
  5. Example 5
    In the case of the eternal kernel, we went eh \ h ca \? \ * '' .u / \\\ e g o ^? ou '' \ \ οό \\ '<·. '' ku eemenfet adjuvant, A vv made magic & phease:: aÖbgdlíuuk 150g waterproofing additive available. which is available in white suspenders. After the hotwash, the mixture was poured into the feon at $ 28 days eUdlfed. we did it in vfesgalamba. adofeheX tfemáhnz; compared to dlfe gée 300 gangs or ÁOAal eaokkeat The same flee broth was finished with vegetable oil as ospm dwarf olive oil. typeesdaghasznait AkO 'Αν λ koszbetoo i ^ srvivíeka nem \ .öte -ut'.v ?. fenoegenn'ah hemepepb, 100-20 ~ 300g of vegetable oil was added in three experiments and homogenized with vigorous stirring. Then you get in shape, and after 28 days of drying time, we dipped in water. The reduction in the water content of the sample prepared with 10tm oil has been successful, since it has the same effect as the waterproofing agent available in Kemskedefei rottombomb; 3mg of water mt up lka p.qnrheten λ 2υΐϊ »- · ..>. to the dötfe-os moornak ugsarmgv i0d-K «'g \ mfehmeh pndukahuk, me; jUertAen more unique than what is commercially available in lorgalon eferlute e eomeo}
  6. 6. pu'.aa
    In the case of meal of cornflower acsufea, we used the following procedure: feucorphea mousse. dkg water and Ökg oemoufe were added to the grinders while fetoiazfe stirring. To the finished mass, 150g of a commercially available waterproofing additive is added, available for deep white meat suspensions. The homogenization melt was poured into a mold. After 23 oop, we performed water probes as a forefoot ancestor to the non-adalekoh sample. softly made this biscuit, plant it with oils, mim aaprafer \> fea ka i x a ob mme, "a- ui mk \ U, § \ se \> x, ee o ~ \ ec, m κ) sai, ' t * ua is already mixed. To the homogenized concrete paste, three sets of chiare oil were added to the batch, and homogenized with vigorous stirring. Then poured into a mold, and after the 23-day sun száradüsr degree n vlzfeivéteik prepared in 1 dog-ch signal samples oil vfefefeéη.ΑΆ i'UKxe »oo ^ ^ TEEVEN not \ e ( ''-> κο3 \ se χ" m, m * mee η oo ho \ 'vlk «addSö Aegégymr bosfet -produce 30Åg ; sróet« <M Á mpdOmu ... Á 300g'-us and á OÖÖGAs..sample other 1603 Og. 'e. 3? \' you a ka 'k \ ά H \? \ k' \
    The w / lh ctch AseOetek etedttutixeh t.dd ^ 'atosntt: $ ktermkeitúk
    : CdhsiOz albp- onyog -At ···. Composition: : 1 cervm believes Asz 1 AyomOszl [NlsmO V i zlAéti {kg v A lg paprhelmj ΐ <Ercan. Ά .3110 vegetable sglsg 1 : Pgpirisgp 5: 4: 1 3 10 : 11 0-3 03 : ........................................ i 11 CHtose powder 13: 1: 5 '....... ........................ 1 :: 03 1 j Oh 100 1 Mla. strong, priest 3: 15: 4 4 1 0.6 0.4 ; ( > o 1 ilpap.-mOá. 3: 1: 4 6 12 10.1 03 | .Maghéj Bf f 8 03 03 03 i luferíeaesula 33: 3 | 6 15 03 03 |
    The present invention provides a prior art. containing productefc vapaditFlammable properties of vus according to ours are similar to known products.
    Telut a t'Ldawv a lite / orf H.Lsmo -mev? a. *, scar> the only characteristic disadvantage of paper concrete with \ s \ üe hm mi ^ ugu \: nvkv.i5 properties is its water sensitivity. so as not to degrade their humidity property, and to keep the light f \ 3 | x \ s. n wv -.... mg „t? \? sv. ¹H vX'Xv ^ '^ v'
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