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Absorbent wound dressing containing a hydrogel layer


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    • A61F13/00Bandages or dressings; Absorbent pads
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    • A61F13/0203Adhesive plasters or dressings having a fluid handling member


The present invention provides a bandage having a fluid permeable topsheet (4) having a wound surface and a backing, and an insoluble hydrogel layer adjacent to the back of the topsheet (4), wherein the topsheet (4) is prevented or limited by the passage of fluid from the back to the wound facing surface. HE
HU0402134A 2001-11-23 2002-11-22 Absorbent wound dressing containing a hydrogel layer HU225557B1 (en)

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GB0128152A GB2382305B (en) 2001-11-23 2001-11-23 Absorbent wound dressings containing a hydrogel layer
PCT/GB2002/005253 WO2003045294A1 (en) 2001-11-23 2002-11-22 Absorbent wound dressing containing a hydrogel layer

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HU0402134A2 true HU0402134A2 (en) 2005-06-28
HU225557B1 HU225557B1 (en) 2007-03-28



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HU0402134A HU225557B1 (en) 2001-11-23 2002-11-22 Absorbent wound dressing containing a hydrogel layer

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