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Telecommunication device, system and method


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    • H04M11/00Telephonic communication systems adapted for combination with other electrical systems
    • H04M11/06Simultaneous speech and telegraphic or other data transmission over the same conductors
    • H04M11/062Simultaneous speech and telegraphic or other data transmission over the same conductors using different frequency bands for speech and other data
HU0003520A 1997-08-27 1998-08-24 Telecommunication device, system and method HU224259B1 (en)

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IL12164397A IL121643A (en) 1997-08-27 1997-08-27 Apparatus and method for concurrent voice and data transmission
PCT/IL1998/000405 WO1999011016A1 (en) 1997-08-27 1998-08-24 Apparatus and method for concurrent voice and data transmission

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HU0003520A2 HU0003520A2 (en) 2001-02-28
HU0003520A3 true HU0003520A3 (en) 2001-12-28
HU224259B1 HU224259B1 (en) 2005-07-28



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HU0003520A HU224259B1 (en) 1997-08-27 1998-08-24 Telecommunication device, system and method

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