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種格型鋼板樁大圓筒主格板樁 圓筒現場拼接方法


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HK14110552.3A 2014-06-25 2014-10-22 種格型鋼板樁大圓筒主格板樁 圓筒現場拼接方法 HK1198188A1 (zh)

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CN201410292739.4A CN104047276B (zh) 2014-06-25 2014-06-25 一种格型钢板桩大圆筒主格板桩1/4圆筒现场拼接方法

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HK1198188A1 true HK1198188A1 (zh) 2015-03-13



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HK14110552.3A HK1198188A1 (zh) 2014-06-25 2014-10-22 種格型鋼板樁大圓筒主格板樁 圓筒現場拼接方法

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CN (1) CN104047276B (zh)
HK (1) HK1198188A1 (zh)

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CN104047276A (zh) 2014-09-17
CN104047276B (zh) 2016-04-27

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