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677,636. Furnaces. STOCKHILL, E. March 13, 1950 [March 30, 1949], No.8627/49. Class 51 (i). [Also in Group XI] In a solid fuel furnace wherein fuel is fed by gravity on to a grate, primary air admitted to the lower part of the unburnt fuel zone passes in a more or less horizontal stream over the distillation zone and with entrained combustible gases passes by one or more short ducts to the ashpit and upwardly through the firebed, final products of combustion passing from the stove by one or more flue openings adjacent the firebed. Solid fuel is fed by gravity through a combustion chamber 10 on to a fixed grate 13 and a movable grate 14. Combustion gases pass from the combustion zone 11 into a flue 15 which is separated from the combustion chamber 10 by a wall 21. Distillation gases formed in the unburnt fuel contained in the combustion chamber 10 are led to the ashpit 17 through a duct 22 which is provided with a thermostatically controlled damper 26 and an air inlet 23a. A primary air inlet to the ashpit 17 is provided. Sufficient primary air enters the stove through the unburnt fuel to maintain slow combustion. The combustion chamber 10 may be fed with fuel from a hopper. Secondary air may be mixed with the combustible gases passing to the ashpit 17. Specification 671,381, [Group XIII], is referred to.
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