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Improvements in or relating to excavating machines


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    • E02F9/00Component parts of dredgers or soil-shifting machines, not restricted to one of the kinds covered by groups E02F3/00 - E02F7/00
    • E02F9/02Travelling-gear, e.g. associated with slewing gears
    • E02F9/04Walking gears moving the dredger forward step-by-step
    • B62D57/00Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track


576,700. Excavators. RANSOMES & RAPIER, Ltd., and CAMERON, C. M. April 13, 1944, No. 6798. [Class 68 (i)] [Also in Group XXXI] A drag-line excavator is supported on two fore and aft base structures A, B, each comprising a preferably circular base member C on which an upper preferably triangular, frame member D is rotatable on rollers C about a centre post C<1>, the boom F being pivoted to the upper frame of the forward structure A, while an A-frame H, H<1> and a horizontal member G are connected to both structures A, B, and means are provided for moving each base structure and rotating the parts thereon to shift the machine and slew the boom. The means for moving the base structures may be as in Specification 525,908, [Group XXXI], or may comprise hydraulic jacks J, K, pivoted to the upper frames D and to elongated feet L, M, and adapted to raise the base structures, and further hydraulic jacks N, 0, by which lateral movements are imparted. Hoisting and dragging machinery and an electric generating set &c. may be mounted on the rear base structure B. To permit limited side cutting, the drag line P may be passed over a fair lead Q carried by an arm Q<1> pivoted at Q<2> and swing- able by hydraulic jacks R, R<1>. The hydraulic jacks may be controlled by solenoid valves through a drum controller actuated through a ratchet lever by a solenoid, which solenoid may receive an impulse to reset the controller at or near the end of the stroke of the jack or jacks concerned. During digging, the load on the jacks J, K, of the front structure A may be controlled through a pressure breaking switch in the circuit of a solenoid valve.
GB679844A 1944-04-13 1944-04-13 Improvements in or relating to excavating machines Expired GB576700A (en)

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GB679844A GB576700A (en) 1944-04-13 1944-04-13 Improvements in or relating to excavating machines

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GB679844A GB576700A (en) 1944-04-13 1944-04-13 Improvements in or relating to excavating machines
US606827A US2452632A (en) 1944-04-13 1945-07-24 Excavating machine

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GB679844A Expired GB576700A (en) 1944-04-13 1944-04-13 Improvements in or relating to excavating machines

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