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    • H04L17/00Apparatus or local circuits for transmitting or receiving codes wherein each character is represented by the same number of equal-length code elements, e.g. Baudot code
    • H04L17/02Apparatus or circuits at the transmitting end
    • H04L17/04Apparatus or circuits at the transmitting end with keyboard co-operating with code-bars
    • H04L17/08Apparatus or circuits at the transmitting end with keyboard co-operating with code-bars combined with perforating apparatus


533,143. Typewriters &c. CREED & CO., Ltd. Oct. 13, 1939, No. 27843. Convention date, Nov. 4, 1938. [Class 100 (iv)] Type - wheel machines ; hammer - impression arrangements.-Keyboard apparatus for printing telegraphic code-marks on a strip comprises spring-urged marking-members released selectively under the control of cams, and interponents or latches operated in accordance with the code. The apparatus shown in Fig. 3 marks a five-unit code on a tape passing between a set of five hammers 28 and a drum 36 provided with projections 35 arranged in twelve axial rows containing two and three projections alternately. The hammers are pivoted on a shaft 29 and co-operate with latches 24 in connection with slides 22 which, on depression of key-levers 12, are selectively operated by means of a code-bar device 13, 14, 17 described in Specification 358,737, [Group XL]. The hammers are connected to actuating-springs 39, and engage returning- springs 38. Lugs 43 on the hammers co-operate with cam-discs 44 on a shaft 45 provided with staggered escapement-wheels 59, 61 co-operating with rigid and yielding dogs 63, 64 on a rocker 62 in connection with a universal bar operated by all the key-levers. The shaft 52 of the drum 36 is geared by equal pinions to the shaft 45 and is driven, through worm-gearing 48 and a slipcoupling, by a motor 46. The tape passes through guides 81, 82 and beneath spring-fingers 83, and is fed by a pin-wheel 76 which is geared to the shaft 52. On depression of any key-lever, the shafts 45, 5'2 turn through one-sixth of a revolution, the tape is fed to space the code-markings on the tape, one or more latches 24 are released, the lugs 43 of the associated hammers are released by the cam-discs 44, and the hammers co-operate with the projections 35 to print a code-mark on the tape. The lugs 43 of the second and fourth hammers are arranged slightly to the rear of the other lugs, and the cam-discs 44 are staggered so that, at each operation, the impressions are made on the same transverse row of the tape by all the selected hammers. The staggered arrangement of the projections 35 prevents smudging of the impressions. Specification 483,355, [Group XL], also is referred to. Type lever machines. - In the modified apparatus shown in Fig. 10, levers 104 provided with marking-type 106 engage lugs 117 on levers 105 which are connected to springs 109 and are normally restrained by levers 108 selectively operated by the above-described key-controlled code-bars. The devices 105 are rocked by means of a universal bar 111 having an arm 113 cooperating with a toothed wheel 91 on a motordriven shaft 87 which is released step-by-step by means of an escapement controlled by the keys. The tape is fed by a pin-wheel 92 and passes, together with an ink ribbon, through a guide provided with a platen 122. Spools for the ink ribbon are geared to the shaft 87. When any key is operated, the tape is fed, one or more of the levers 108 are rocked to release the associated levers 105, the universal bar 111 is raised and released by the toothed wheel 91, and the released levers 105 cause the associated marking- levers 104 to strike the tape simultaneously.
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GB27843/39A Expired GB533143A (en) 1938-11-04 1939-10-13 Keyboard code printer

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