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Image composition system


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    • H04N5/00Details of television systems
    • H04N5/222Studio circuitry; Studio devices; Studio equipment ; Cameras comprising an electronic image sensor, e.g. digital cameras, video cameras, TV cameras, video cameras, camcorders, webcams, camera modules for embedding in other devices, e.g. mobile phones, computers or vehicles
    • H04N5/262Studio circuits, e.g. for mixing, switching-over, change of character of image, other special effects ; Cameras specially adapted for the electronic generation of special effects
    • H04N5/272Means for inserting a foreground image in a background image, i.e. inlay, outlay
    • G06T15/003D [Three Dimensional] image rendering
    • G06T15/50Lighting effects
    • G06T15/503Blending, e.g. for anti-aliasing
GB8300378A 1982-01-15 1983-01-07 Image composition system Expired GB2113950B (en)

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GB8201136 1982-01-15
GB8300378A GB2113950B (en) 1982-01-15 1983-01-07 Image composition system

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GB8300378A GB2113950B (en) 1982-01-15 1983-01-07 Image composition system
HK29691A HK29691A (en) 1982-01-15 1991-04-18 Image composition system

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GB8300378D0 true GB8300378D0 (en) 1983-02-09
GB2113950A true GB2113950A (en) 1983-08-10
GB2113950B true GB2113950B (en) 1986-10-01



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GB8300378A Expired GB2113950B (en) 1982-01-15 1983-01-07 Image composition system

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GB2113950A (en) 1983-08-10 application
GB8300378D0 (en) 1983-02-09 application

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