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Packing means for underground passageways


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    • E21D15/00Props; Chocks, e.g. made of flexible containers filled with backfilling material
    • E21D15/48Chocks or the like
    • E21D15/483Chocks or the like made of flexible containers, e.g. inflatable, with or without reinforcement, e.g. filled with water, backfilling material or the like
GB8138281A 1980-12-30 1981-12-18 Packing means for underground passageways Expired GB2091314B (en)

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GB8041482 1980-12-30
GB8110661 1981-04-06

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GB2091314A GB2091314A (en) 1982-07-28
GB2091314B true GB2091314B (en) 1984-05-02



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GB8138281A Expired GB2091314B (en) 1980-12-30 1981-12-18 Packing means for underground passageways

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DE (1) DE3151761A1 (en)
GB (1) GB2091314B (en)

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DE3151761A1 (en) 1982-08-19
GB2091314A (en) 1982-07-28

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