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Antigen detecting reagents


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1533410 Radiant energy emitting polymeric analytical reagent BLOCK ENG Inc 15 Dec 1975 [26 Dec 1974 (2)] 51271/75 Addition to 1470074 Heading C3R [Also in Division G1] The invention comprises polymer molecules covalently bonded to first reactant molecules which are capable of coupling with second reactant molecules, each polymer molecule also having attached to it a plurality of fluorescent dye molecules and the molecular ratio between the polymer molecules and the first reactant molecules being substantially 1 : 1. The presence of second reactant (or analyte) may be detected by coupling to it the first reactant/ polymer/dye complex and observing fluorescence. The polymer may be a polyethylenimine and dye molecules, e.g. fluorescein, may be attached to nitrogen atoms along the polymer chains, reactive end-groups of the polymer being temporarily blocked, e.g. with an aldehyde, while the dye molecules are attached; the polymer with dye molecules attached is then coupled to the first reactant. The first reactant may be an antibody and the second reactant (analyte) may be an antigen; also, the first reactant may be a ligand and the second reactant may be a polyvalent metal. In examples polyethylenimines are coupled with fluorescein and polylysine is coupled with lissamine Rhodamine-B; polyamine/dye complexes are then coupled with Anti-Echo virus antiserum (antibody) and used to detect Hepatitis B antigen; also, a polyamine/dye complex is coupled with benzyl p-amino diisonitrosoethane (a ligand) and used to detect nickel.
GB5127175A 1973-07-30 1975-12-15 Antigen detecting reagents Expired GB1533410A (en)

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US05/535,095 US4166105A (en) 1973-07-30 1974-12-20 Dye tagged reagent
US05/535,111 US4169137A (en) 1974-12-20 1974-12-20 Antigen detecting reagents

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GB5127175A Expired GB1533410A (en) 1973-07-30 1975-12-15 Antigen detecting reagents

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