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Plastics orthodontic bracket


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    • A61C7/00Orthodontics, i.e. obtaining or maintaining the desired position of teeth, e.g. by straightening, evening, regulating, separating, or by correcting malocclusions
    • A61C7/12Brackets; Arch wires; Combinations thereof; Accessories therefor


1506772 Orthodontic brackets LEE PHARMACEUTICALS 9 April 1975 [7 May 1974] 14506/75 Heading A5R A plastics orthodontic bracket component 10 comprises a body whose base 34 is to be attached to the labial surface of a tooth, and a top surface 32 which is substantially triangular. An archwire cut 30 is formed in the top surface and communicates with a concave, peripheral ligature undercut 42 via a smooth convex surface. Vertical slot 40 allows an archwire to be tied in utilizing a mesial or distal rotational force.
GB1450675A 1974-05-07 1975-04-09 Plastics orthodontic bracket Expired GB1506772A (en)

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US46767574 US3922787A (en) 1974-05-07 1974-05-07 Plastic orthodontic bracket

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GB1450675A Expired GB1506772A (en) 1974-05-07 1975-04-09 Plastics orthodontic bracket

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