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    • B60N2/00Seats specially adapted for vehicles; Arrangement or mounting of seats in vehicles
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1375094 Adjustable air-crew seats IPECO EUROPE Ltd 30 Jan 1973 [2 Feb 1972] 4819/72 Heading A4J An air-crew seat has separately adjustable thigh supports 4 on each side of the seat 2, each thigh support being resiliently urged upwardly and moveable downwardly by pressure applied from above about a pivot axis 14 which is adjacent the upper surface of the seat, the mechanisms for allowing such pivotal movement being contained below the thigh supports and the seat such that there is no obstruction to the depression of the upholstery of the thign supports and seat in the region of the pivot axis. Downward pivotal movement of each support about the axis 14 is effected by providing each support with a pair of parallel downwardly extending struts 9 having studs 8 at their ends engaging in slideways 7 formed in the underside of the seat, an arm 12 being pivotally connected to each of the struts and the two arms being pivotally inter-connected by a shaft 13. Each thigh support is resiliently urged upwardly by causing the shaft 13 to rotate counter-clockwise by connecting the shaft 13 through rods 20 fast with the shaft and pivoted links 21 to triangular plates 22 pivoted to the underside of the seat on an axis 23 and urged to the right, as shown, by a rubber band tension spring 25 connected at its ends to the two plates 22 and passing about a pulley. A shaft 30 interconnects the two plates 22 and is movable to alter the uppermost position of the thigh support by a pair of rollers 34 on a scissor linkage 31 connected to right hand and left hand threaded nuts 32 on oppositely threaded sleeves of a rotatable shaft 33 which is common to both thigh supports. In the modification shown in Fig. 6 the upward spring-loading is applied by a single lever arm 20' connected to the shaft 13 and to a pulley about which a rubber band 25 passes, the spring being connected at its ends to the underside of the seat. In this modification the uppermost position of the thigh support is controlled by a nut 43 within a tubular guide pivotally mounted on lugs 48 depending from the thigh support the nut having opposed pins 44 engaging with slots 45 in the guide such that, rotation of a shaft 42 in one direction causes rearward movement of the nut and hence downward pivoting of the thigh support to alter the uppermost position of the thigh support. However downward pivoting by pressure may still be effected as a result of the pin 44 and slot 45 connection.
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GB481972A GB1375094A (en) 1972-02-02 1972-02-02
FR7302960A FR2169970B1 (en) 1972-02-02 1973-01-24
US32714473 US3883173A (en) 1972-02-02 1973-01-26 Seat with thigh support

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