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    • H01H13/00Switches having rectilinearly-movable operating part or parts adapted for pushing or pulling in one direction only, e.g. push-button switch
    • H01H13/02Details
    • H01H13/26Snap-action arrangements depending upon deformation of elastic members
    • H01H13/36Snap-action arrangements depending upon deformation of elastic members using flexing of blade springs
    • H01H13/38Single blade moved across dead-centre position


1363777 Toggles; spring units; power-storing springs INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP 21 Aug 1972 [24 Sept 1971] 38856/72 Headings F2K and F2S [Also in Division H1] A toggle mechanism for a capacitive electrical switch comprises a bowed leaf spring 2 pivotally connected at its ends 4, in axial compression, between the arms of a U-shaped blade spring 3, the leaf spring 2 and blade spring 3 being respectively connected to a plunger 1 and capacitive plate 5, or vice-versa (Fig. 4, not shown), of the switch such that downward pressure applied to a keytop 7 fast with the plunger 1 straightens the toggle leaf spring 2 until an over-centre snap action is effected to lift the plate 5. Preferably plate 5 operates as one plate of a capacitive element, for connecting capacitively two dielectrically insulated conductors, and consists of a single moulded piece of high dielectric plastics. Alternatively conductive electrical contacts could be used in place of capacitive contacts. The plunger 1, toggle springs 2, 3 and plate 5 are contained in a casing 6 internally formed with projections 9 against which, on actuation of the switch, the rising plate 5 strikes to limit its upward movement and produce an acoustic signal to notify the operator that actuation of the mechanism is complete, and provide a fixed electrical minimum capacitance to give a fixed electrical base for interpreting signals. A plunger return spring 8 is provided to automatically effect reverse snap action of the switch after depression of the plunger 1 by the operator.
GB3885672A 1971-09-24 1972-08-21 Toggle mechanism Expired GB1363777A (en)

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