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    • D01H7/00Spinning or twisting arrangements
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    • D01H7/52Ring-and-traveller arrangements
    • D01H7/60Rings or travellers; Manufacture thereof not otherwise provided for ; Cleaning means for rings
    • D01H7/604Travellers


1,259,169. Ring spinning. W. REINERS and S. FURST [trading as REINERS & FURST], 4 Feb., 1969 [8 Feb., 1968], No. 5829/69. Heading D1D. A ring and traveller arrangement comprises a ring having a horizontal flange 5 and a traveller having a bearing portion 3b of a plastics substance, preferably polyamide and a wear-resisting portion 3a, e.g. of hardened steel, the main bearing surface 5a, 5b, 5c of the traveller having distinct surfaces arranged at an angle to each other, one of which surfaces is horizontal and another vertical. The arrangement is such that the pressure between the ring and traveller is constant along the length of line of contact to produce even wear and stable running. The surface 5c may be extended downwardly and the traveller may have a further bearing surface engaging the lower surface of the ring 1. Wicks may be provided to lubricate the engaging surfaces of ring and traveller, see Fig. 2, not shown, or the ring may be of sintered steel and fed with lubricant, see Figs. 4 and 5, not shown.
GB1259169D 1968-02-08 1969-02-04 Expired GB1259169A (en)

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DE19681685963 DE1685963A1 (en) 1968-02-08 1968-02-08 Ring and associated ring traveler for ring spinning and ring twisting machines

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GB1259169A true GB1259169A (en) 1972-01-05



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GB1259169D Expired GB1259169A (en) 1968-02-08 1969-02-04

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