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1,226,295. Flexible doors. FRANTZ MFG. CO. 12 May, 1969 [15 May, 1968], No. 24014/ 69. Heading E1J. A flexible door, e.g. for sliding in a combined vertical and horizontal track to open and closed positions, in a garage &c. wall, comprises a plurality of door sections 2 composed of one or more panels 3 extending across the full width of the door and strengthened by muntins 4 and formed from sheet material into a V-section to form a channel, the exterior surface of the base 8 of the channel forming the exterior panel surface, one edge of the channel being bent outwardly to form a flange 9 parallel to the base 8 and the other edge of the channel being bent inwardly to form the flange 10 in the same plane as flange 9 and may have a stiffening rib 11 formed along its edge and when assembled the flange 9 overlaps at least part of the flange 10 on an adjacent panel when the exterior surfaces of the panels are in the same plane with their flanges pointing in the same direction, the adjacent door sections 2, being hinged together by hinges formed on the muntins 4 as shown in Fig. 3. The lug 15 between the rolled-in tongues 13, 14 is bent back over the flange 9 to provide a connection between the muntin of the flange 9. The other end of the muntin is rivetted at 12 with flange 10.
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AU37857/68A AU426280B2 (en) 1968-05-15 1968-05-15 Sliding door

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