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    • B05B5/087Arrangements of electrodes, e.g. of charging, shielding, collecting electrodes


1,143,839. Developing electrostatic images. AGFA-GEVAERT A.G. Sept.9, 1966 [Oct. 15, 1965], No.40436/66. Heading G2H. [Also in Division B2] Apparatus suitable for atomizing a dye or liquid developer comprises an atomization electrode which is surrounded by a gas or gas mixture or a vapour or vapour mixture having an electric breakdown potential higher than 35 kV/cm at an atmospheric pressure of 760 mm. of mercury. Fig.2 depicts an electro-photographic layer 4 carrying a latent electrical image and mounted on an earthed metal plate 5. A plastics casing 8 forms with the plate 5 a housing into which dichlorodifluoromethane is admitted through a pipe 9. Liquid developer is supplied to the housing through a tube 11 to which a potential is applied. The developer liquid may be 30% fuchsine and 70% benzyl alcohol of 3 + 10<SP>-4</SP> ohm<SP>-1</SP> cm<SP>-1</SP> conductivity. The gas admitted to the housing may alternatively be chlorotrifluoromethane, sulphur hexafluoride, or carbon tetrachloride. Fig. 1 (not shown) depicts a spray producer for coating metal articles in which the gas is discharged coaxially with the spray material.
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DEA50511A DE1277080B (en) 1965-10-15 1965-10-15 A process for the electrostatic atomizing liquids

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