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Improvements in and relating to curing


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    • C14C1/00Chemical treatment prior to tanning
    • C14C1/02Curing raw hides


A composition for curing hides, skins or pelts, hereinafter referred to as hides, comprises sodium chloride and one or more than one organotin compound having the general formula: <FORM:1094217/C6-C7/1> in which each of the R1, R2, R3 and R4 residues represents an alkyl (e.g. ethyl, propyl or butyl) aryl or aralkyl group, one or two of which groups, in any one molecule, may each be replaced by an organic or organo-tin group, which is not linked to the central tin atom via a carbon atom. Specified organo-tin compounds are:- tri-n-butyl tin acetate, benzoate or salicylate, dibutyl tin succinate, triethyl tin laurate, bis-(tributyl tin) oxide, bis-(triethyl tin) sulphide, octyl tin trihexoate, tribenzyl phenyl tin, triethyl tin phenoxide, tri-isopropyl tin pentachlorophenolate and tri-n-butyl tin salicylpolyglycol ether. The curing composition may also comprise hexamethylene tetramine, an alkylphenyl polyglycol ether, a reducing agent, such as sodium nitrite, sulphur dioxides, formaldehyde, sodium bisulphite or ascorbic acid or benzene sulphinic acid. Soda, sodium sulphate naphthalene or mineral oil may be included in the composition. The curing composition may be in the form of a powder. The amount of sodium chloride used, e.g. common salt, rock salt or sea salt, may be half the weight of the hides. The curing composition may contain between 0.003 and 10% of the organotin compound or compounds, between 0.009 and 30% of hexamethylene tetramine, and between 0.3 and 1% of the reducing agent, computed on the weight of sodium chloride. In curing salted calfskins, they are rinsed with an aqueous solution of the ingredients of the composition excepting sodium chloride, and then lightly salted with common salt.
GB5074464A 1963-12-14 1964-12-14 Improvements in and relating to curing Expired GB1094217A (en)

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DED43177A DE1288232B (en) 1963-12-14 1963-12-14 Preservatives for skins or pelts

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GB1094217A true GB1094217A (en) 1967-12-06



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GB5074464A Expired GB1094217A (en) 1963-12-14 1964-12-14 Improvements in and relating to curing

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