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Float dryer


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    • F26DRYING
    • F26B13/00Machines and apparatus for drying fabrics, fibres, yarns, or other materials in long lengths, with progressive movement
    • F26B13/10Arrangements for feeding, heating or supporting materials; Controlling movement, tension or position of materials
    • F26B13/101Supporting materials without tension, e.g. on or between foraminous belts
    • F26B13/104Supporting materials without tension, e.g. on or between foraminous belts supported by fluid jets only; Fluid blowing arrangements for flotation dryers, e.g. coanda nozzles
    • B41F23/00Devices for treating the surfaces of sheets, webs, or other articles in connection with printing
    • B41F23/04Devices for treating the surfaces of sheets, webs, or other articles in connection with printing by heat drying, by cooling, by applying powders
    • B41F23/0403Drying webs
    • B41F23/0423Drying webs by convection
    • B41F23/0426Drying webs by convection using heated air
    • D21F5/00Dryer section of machines for making continuous webs of paper


1,078,871. Drying web materials. PROCTOR & SCHWARTZ Inc. Feb. 21, 1966, [Feb. 25, 1965], No 7461/66. Heading F4G. A web drying apparatus comprises a. longitudinally extending chamber 34 having parallel floor and ceiling surfaces 38, 40 below and above which heated gaseous medium distribution boxes 30, 32 are respectively mounted and connected by inlet nozzles 42, 44 to project the medium under pressure into the chamber to provide cushions of the medium above and below the web to support it in floating manner, and outlet means comprising spaced apertures 48 are provided in the floor and ceiling surfaces between the nozzles to provide a diffused removal of the medium from the chamber. The nozzles extend transversely substantially the full width of the chamber and the area of the apertures is less than 70% of the area of the inlet nozzles. The medium passes from apertures 48 into upper and lower outlet chambers 50, 52 respectively for recirculation.
GB746166A 1965-02-25 1966-02-21 Float dryer Expired GB1078871A (en)

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US435290A US3324570A (en) 1965-02-25 1965-02-25 Float dryer

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GB746166A Expired GB1078871A (en) 1965-02-25 1966-02-21 Float dryer

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