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1,047,304. Ammonium perchlorate. HOOKER CHEMICAL CORPORATION. July 6, 1964 [July 5, 1963], No. 27806/64. Heading C1A. Ammonium perchlorate is prepared by a process comprising reacting, in an aqueous medium, sodium, lithium, calcium, strontium or barium perchlorate with ammonium bicarbonate or carbonate or, if sodium perchlorate is used, with ammonium sesquicarbonate at a temperature sufficient and in a carbon dioxidecontaining atmosphere having a partial pressure sufficient at that temperature, to cause precipitation of the metal ion of said metal perchlorate as the metal salt of the anion of said ammonium compound, separating said metal salt from the resulting mother liquor, then changing at least one of the parameters of temperature, concentration of ammonium ions, concentrations of ammonium ions, and water content of said mother liquor, and separating ammonium perchlorate from the residual mother liquor. For example, the metal carbonate, bicarbonate or sesquicarbonate is precipitated in precipitator 4, wherein is an atmosphere of CO 2 , is filtered and the precipitate is washed in filter 6. The precipitate and washings are passed back to 4. Liquors are drawn from an unagitated zone of 4 to evaporator 11 where NH 3 and CO 2 are volatilized and condensed in 13 before passing back to 4. Residual solution is drawn from 11 to crystallizer 16 where water is evaporated at 40‹ C. through 18. From an unagitated zone of 16 liquors are passed to 4, while a slurry of ammonium perchlorate is passed to filter 20. The solid is washed and the filtrate and washings passed back to 16. Alternatively the metal perchlorate feed may be added to filtrate and wash liquors from 20 and added to 16. The CO 2 pressure may be from less than one atmosphere to greater than 20 atmospheres and the temperature may be from 10‹ C. to 110‹ C.
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US292839A US3218121A (en) 1963-07-05 1963-07-05 Manufacture of ammonium perchlorate

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