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Mobile communication system


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    • H04W4/00Services specially adapted for wireless communication networks; Facilities therefor
    • H04W4/02Services making use of location information
    • H04W48/00Access restriction; Network selection; Access point selection
    • H04W48/08Access restriction or access information delivery, e.g. discovery data delivery
    • H04W64/00Locating users or terminals or network equipment for network management purposes, e.g. mobility management


Within a wireless communications system there is broadcast an orientation signal containing position data identifying the position of devices within the system. A mobile terminal in receipt of the position data contained in the orientation signal is able to use this data to determine the location of a device towards which to direct its directional antenna. This allows mobile terminals to easily locate access points without the need for beam searching, and allows the directional beams to be narrow, which minimises the transmit power. Useful for operation at high radio frequencies where otherwise the transmission power would be too high. This system could be used for directing communications from a mobile terminal to a base station or between terminals in an "ad-hoc" system.
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GB0221371A GB0221371D0 (en) 2002-09-14 2002-09-14 Mobile communication system

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GB0221371A GB0221371D0 (en) 2002-09-14 2002-09-14 Mobile communication system
PCT/EP2003/010195 WO2004025900A3 (en) 2002-09-14 2003-09-12 Mobile communication system using directional antennas
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