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    • B41J33/00Apparatus or arrangements for feeding ink ribbons or like character-size impression-transfer material
    • B41J33/14Ribbon-feed devices or mechanisms
    • B41J33/34Ribbon-feed devices or mechanisms driven by motors independently of the machine as a whole
FR7602200A 1975-02-10 1976-01-27 Expired FR2299968B3 (fr)

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IT6734275A IT1030105B (it) 1975-02-10 1975-02-10 Dispositivo per trasferire un nastro da una bobina di alimentazione ad una bobina di raccolta

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FR2299968A1 FR2299968A1 (fr) 1976-09-03
FR2299968B3 true FR2299968B3 (fr) 1978-10-20



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FR7602200A Expired FR2299968B3 (fr) 1975-02-10 1976-01-27

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US (1) US4000804A (fr)
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FR (1) FR2299968B3 (fr)
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IT (1) IT1030105B (fr)

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DE2605544A1 (de) 1976-08-19

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