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    • A45D20/00Hair drying devices; Accessories therefor
    • A45D20/48Hair-drying combs or hair-drying brushes, with internal heating means
    • A45D20/50Hair-drying combs or hair-drying brushes, with internal heating means and provision for an air stream
FR7336306A 1972-10-12 1973-10-11 Expired FR2202664B3 (en)

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US29701972 US3854489A (en) 1972-10-12 1972-10-12 Hair styling appliance

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FR2202664A1 true FR2202664A1 (en) 1974-05-10
FR2202664B3 FR2202664B3 (en) 1976-09-03



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FR7336306A Expired FR2202664B3 (en) 1972-10-12 1973-10-11

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US (1) US3854489A (en)
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