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    • B66C23/00Cranes comprising essentially a beam, boom, or triangular structure acting as a cantilever and mounted for translatory of swinging movements in vertical or horizontal planes or a combination of such movements, e.g. jib-cranes, derricks, tower cranes
    • B66C23/88Safety gear
    • B66C23/90Devices for indicating or limiting lifting moment
    • B66C23/905Devices for indicating or limiting lifting moment electrical
FR7036213A 1969-10-08 1970-10-07 Expired FR2064204B1 (en)

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US86472869 true 1969-10-08 1969-10-08

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FR2064204A1 true FR2064204A1 (en) 1971-07-16
FR2064204B1 true FR2064204B1 (en) 1976-02-06



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FR7036213A Expired FR2064204B1 (en) 1969-10-08 1970-10-07

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