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Pekka Salminen
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Sandvik Tamrock Oy
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    • E21B44/00Automatic control systems specially adapted for drilling operations, i.e. self-operating systems which function to carry out or modify a drilling operation without intervention of a human operator, e.g. computer-controlled drilling systems; Systems specially adapted for monitoring a plurality of drilling variables or conditions
FI20011021A 2001-05-15 2001-05-15 Järjestely porauksen ohjaukseen FI115553B (fi)

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FI20011021A FI115553B (fi) 2001-05-15 2001-05-15 Järjestely porauksen ohjaukseen
FI20011021 2001-05-15

Applications Claiming Priority (10)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
FI20011021A FI115553B (fi) 2001-05-15 2001-05-15 Järjestely porauksen ohjaukseen
CA 2447088 CA2447088C (en) 2001-05-15 2002-05-14 Drilling control arrangement
CNB028100018A CN1306146C (zh) 2001-05-15 2002-05-14 控制岩石钻孔的方法和用于岩石钻孔设备的控制系统
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US10/713,264 US7231989B2 (en) 2001-05-15 2003-11-17 Drilling control arrangement

Publications (3)

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FI20011021A0 true FI20011021A0 (fi) 2001-05-15
FI20011021A FI20011021A (fi) 2002-11-16
FI115553B FI115553B (fi) 2005-05-31



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FI20011021A FI115553B (fi) 2001-05-15 2001-05-15 Järjestely porauksen ohjaukseen

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US (1) US7231989B2 (fi)
EP (1) EP1395733A1 (fi)
JP (1) JP4053892B2 (fi)
CN (1) CN1306146C (fi)
AU (1) AU2002255036B2 (fi)
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CN1306146C (zh) 2007-03-21
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FI115553B1 (fi)
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