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Util body perfumer.


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Util perfumador corporal (1) que comprende una pieza laminar (4) de un material absorbente y de estructura ventajosamente fibrosa capaz de recibir, retener temporalmente y transmitir el olor del perfume líquido del que se ha impregnado; Useful perfumer body (1) comprising a sheet (4) piece of absorbent material and fibrous structure advantageously capable of receiving, temporarily retaining and liquid transmitting the smell of the perfume which has been impregnated; dicha pieza laminar (4) está recubierta en una de sus caras laterales por una capa (3) de un material adherente e impermeable, que a su vez está protegida externamente por una lámina (2) de un material incompatible con el producto adherente, en tanto que contigua a la otra cara lateral de la pieza laminar (4) está dispuesta una lámina (5) de material transpirable o rejilla, que permite el paso del perfume a su entorno. said sheet (4) is coated on one of its sides by a layer (3) of an adhesive and waterproof material, which in turn is externally protected by a sheet (2) of a material incompatible with the adherend in while adjacent the other side face of the blank (4) is arranged a sheet (5) of breathable material or grid which allows the passage of perfume to its environment.
ES9901370A 1999-06-11 1999-06-11 Util body perfumer. Expired - Fee Related ES2157801B1 (en)

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ES9901370A ES2157801B1 (en) 1999-06-11 1999-06-11 Util body perfumer.

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ES9901370A ES2157801B1 (en) 1999-06-11 1999-06-11 Util body perfumer.

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ES2157801A1 true ES2157801A1 (en) 2001-08-16
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ES9901370A Expired - Fee Related ES2157801B1 (en) 1999-06-11 1999-06-11 Util body perfumer.

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