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In apparatuses, in which several pieces of the apparatus are joined by means of screw unions and, for example, with a view to a repair, the screw connection has to be loosened several times, it is in most cases the difficulty of the screw through holes and the threading holes are not aligned exactly, so that, for example, a new screw tightening is often difficult and cumbersome. According to the invention, the tapping hole is made as an oblong hole and has along the parallel hole walls at least one thread pitch, so that a displacement of the "aligned in the longitudinal direction of the oblong hole does not hinder the bonding process.
ES9502189A 1994-11-09 1995-11-08 Screw union Expired - Fee Related ES2142183B1 (en)

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DE4440016 1994-11-09
DE1995103849 DE19503849C2 (en) 1994-11-09 1995-02-06 Screw connection

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ES9502189A Expired - Fee Related ES2142183B1 (en) 1994-11-09 1995-11-08 Screw union

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