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Containment device for trenching.


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    • E02D17/00Excavations; Bordering of excavations; Making embankments
    • E02D17/06Foundation trenches ditches or narrow shafts
    • E02D17/08Bordering or stiffening the sides of ditches trenches or narrow shafts for foundations
ES1974202282U 1973-05-09 1974-04-05 Containment device for trenching. Expired ES202282Y (en)

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DE19732323321 DE2323321C3 (en) 1973-05-09 1973-05-09

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ES202282U ES202282U (en) 1975-11-01
ES202282Y true ES202282Y (en) 1976-02-16



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ES1974202282U Expired ES202282Y (en) 1973-05-09 1974-04-05 Containment device for trenching.

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