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A synthetic sponge.


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    • A46B5/00Brush bodies; Handles integral with brushware
    • A46B3/00Brushes characterised by the way in which the bristles are fixed or joined in or on the brush body or carrier
    • A46B3/20Brushes characterised by the way in which the bristles are fixed or joined in or on the brush body or carrier the bristles being fixed or joined in rubber bodies, e.g. in soft rubber
    • A46B9/00Arrangements of the bristles in the brush body
    • A46B9/06Arrangement of mixed bristles or tufts of bristles, e.g. wire, fibre, rubber
    • A47L13/00Implements for cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, walls, or wall coverings
    • A47L13/10Scrubbing; Scouring; Cleaning; Polishing
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Una esponja sintética, de celulosa, poliuretano u olefinas termoplásticas espumadas, caracterizada porque en el cuerpo de esponja están incorporados manojitos de cerdas constituidos por cerdas sintéticas paralelas, unidas entre sí por uno de sus extremos por soldadura de modo que únicamente por este extremo están anclados en el cuerpo de esponja, en tanto que sus extremos libres se hallan situados en la zona de la superficie de trabajo de la esponja, alineados con dicha superficie, sobresaliendo ligeramente de ella o retrocedidos con respecto a la misma. A polyurethane or olefins synthetic sponge, cellulose, thermoplastic foamed, characterized in that the sponge body are incorporated bunches of bristles comprise bristles synthetic parallel, joined by one of its ends by welding so that this end are only anchored in the sponge body, while their free ends are situated in the area of ​​the working surface of the sponge, aligned with said surface, slightly protruding from it or returned with respect thereto.
ES1971195453U 1970-02-11 1971-02-11 A synthetic sponge. Expired ES195453Y (en)

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ES1971195453U Expired ES195453Y (en) 1970-02-11 1971-02-11 A synthetic sponge.

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