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Tobacco treatment


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tobacco treatment
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Andrew J Manson
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British American Tobacco Co
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    • A24B15/00Chemical features or treatment of tobacco; Tobacco substitutes
    • A24B15/18Treatment of tobacco products or tobacco substitutes
    • A24B15/24Treatment of tobacco products or tobacco substitutes by extraction; Tobacco extracts
    • A24B15/241Extraction of specific substances
    • A24B15/245Nitrosamines
    • A24B15/00Chemical features or treatment of tobacco; Tobacco substitutes
    • A24B15/18Treatment of tobacco products or tobacco substitutes
    • A24B15/24Treatment of tobacco products or tobacco substitutes by extraction; Tobacco extracts
EG20010230A 2000-03-10 2001-03-10 Tobacco treatment EG22308A (en)

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GB0005665A GB0005665D0 (en) 2000-03-10 2000-03-10 Tobacco treatment
GB0012111A GB0012111D0 (en) 2000-05-20 2000-05-20 Tobacco treatment

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EG22308A true EG22308A (en) 2002-12-31



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EG20010230A EG22308A (en) 2000-03-10 2001-03-10 Tobacco treatment

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