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    • G07D9/00Counting coins; Handling of coins not provided for in the other groups of this subclass
    • G07D9/008Feeding coins from bulk
DK8500995D 1984-03-05 DK8500995A (ja)

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DE3408524A DE3408524C2 (de) 1984-03-05 1984-03-05 Vereinzelungsvorrichtung für Münzen

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DK8500995A true DK8500995A (ja) 1985-09-06



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DK8500995D DK8500995A (ja) 1984-03-05
DK099585A DK156597C (da) 1984-03-05 1985-03-04 Moentapparat til adskillelse af moenter

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DK099585A DK156597C (da) 1984-03-05 1985-03-04 Moentapparat til adskillelse af moenter

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US (1) US4657035A (ja)
EP (1) EP0156761B1 (ja)
AT (1) AT47237T (ja)
AU (1) AU563254B2 (ja)
DE (2) DE3408524C2 (ja)
DK (2) DK156597C (ja)

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AU4183085A (en) 1986-11-06
DK156597B (da) 1989-09-11
AU563254B2 (en) 1987-07-02
US4657035A (en) 1987-04-14
EP0156761A2 (de) 1985-10-02
DK99585A (da) 1985-09-06
AT47237T (de) 1989-10-15
DK99585D0 (da) 1985-03-04
DE3408524A1 (de) 1985-09-12
EP0156761B1 (de) 1989-10-11
DK156597C (da) 1990-02-19
DE3573669D1 (en) 1989-11-16
DE3408524C2 (de) 1986-01-16
EP0156761A3 (en) 1987-08-19

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