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Laser catheter for insertion into arteries


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DK130586A 1985-03-22 1986-03-21 Laser catheter for insertion into arteries DK130586A (en)

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US71523485A true 1985-03-22 1985-03-22
US71523985A true 1985-03-22 1985-03-22
US06/715,131 US4718417A (en) 1985-03-22 1985-03-22 Visible fluorescence spectral diagnostic for laser angiosurgery
US06/715,122 US4669467A (en) 1985-03-22 1985-03-22 Mode mixer for a laser catheter
US06/715,219 US4648892A (en) 1985-03-22 1985-03-22 Method for making optical shield for a laser catheter

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DK130586D0 true DK130586D0 (en) 1986-03-21
DK130586A DK130586A (en) 1986-09-23



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DK130586A DK130586A (en) 1985-03-22 1986-03-21 Laser catheter for insertion into arteries

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JP (2) JP2589674B2 (en)
CA (2) CA1279901C (en)
DK (1) DK130586A (en)
FI (1) FI861209A (en)

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