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Non-volatile phenylglyoxalic esters


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DK0956280T3 DK98905335T DK98905335T DK0956280T3 DK 0956280 T3 DK0956280 T3 DK 0956280T3 DK 98905335 T DK98905335 T DK 98905335T DK 98905335 T DK98905335 T DK 98905335T DK 0956280 T3 DK0956280 T3 DK 0956280T3
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phenylglyoxalic esters
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    • G03F7/00Photomechanical, e.g. photolithographic, production of textured or patterned surfaces, e.g. printing surfaces; Materials therefor, e.g. comprising photoresists; Apparatus specially adapted therefor
    • G03F7/004Photosensitive materials
    • G03F7/027Non-macromolecular photopolymerisable compounds having carbon-to-carbon double bonds, e.g. ethylenic compounds
    • G03F7/028Non-macromolecular photopolymerisable compounds having carbon-to-carbon double bonds, e.g. ethylenic compounds with photosensitivity-increasing substances, e.g. photoinitiators
    • G03F7/031Organic compounds not covered by group G03F7/029
    • C07C69/00Esters of carboxylic acids; Esters of carbonic or haloformic acids
    • C07C69/66Esters of carboxylic acids having esterified carboxylic groups bound to acyclic carbon atoms and having any of the groups OH, O—metal, —CHO, keto, ether, acyloxy, groups, groups, or in the acid moiety
    • C07C69/73Esters of carboxylic acids having esterified carboxylic groups bound to acyclic carbon atoms and having any of the groups OH, O—metal, —CHO, keto, ether, acyloxy, groups, groups, or in the acid moiety of unsaturated acids
    • C07C69/738Esters of keto-carboxylic acids or aldehydo-carboxylic acids
    • B33Y70/00Materials specially adapted for additive manufacturing
DK98905335T 1997-01-30 1998-01-23 Non-volatile phenylglyoxalic esters DK0956280T3 (en)

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CH19597 1997-01-30
PCT/EP1998/000351 WO1998033761A1 (en) 1997-01-30 1998-01-23 Non-volatile phenylglyoxalic esters

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DK0956280T3 true DK0956280T3 (en) 2003-02-24



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DK98905335T DK0956280T3 (en) 1997-01-30 1998-01-23 Non-volatile phenylglyoxalic esters

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