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    • H01Q21/00Aerial arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/30Combinations of separate aerial units operating in different wavebands and connected to a common feeder system
    • H01Q1/00Details of, or arrangements associated with, aerials
    • H01Q1/12Supports; Mounting means
    • H01Q1/22Supports; Mounting means by structural association with other equipment or articles
    • H01Q1/24Supports; Mounting means by structural association with other equipment or articles with receiving set
    • H01Q1/241Supports; Mounting means by structural association with other equipment or articles with receiving set used in mobile communications, e.g. GSM
    • H01Q1/246Supports; Mounting means by structural association with other equipment or articles with receiving set used in mobile communications, e.g. GSM specially adapted for base stations
    • H01Q21/00Aerial arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/06Arrays of individually energised active aerial units similarly polarised and spaced apart
    • H01Q21/061Two dimensional planar arrays
    • H01Q21/00Aerial arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/06Arrays of individually energised active aerial units similarly polarised and spaced apart
    • H01Q21/061Two dimensional planar arrays
    • H01Q21/062Two dimensional planar arrays using dipole aerials
    • H01Q21/00Aerial arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/06Arrays of individually energised active aerial units similarly polarised and spaced apart
    • H01Q21/08Arrays of individually energised active aerial units similarly polarised and spaced apart the units being spaced along or adjacent to a rectilinear path
    • H01Q21/00Aerial arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/28Combinations of substantially independent non-interacting aerial units or systems
    • H01Q5/00Arrangements for simultaneous operation of aerials on two or more different wavebands, e.g. dual-band or multi-band arrangements
    • H01Q5/40Imbricated or interleaved structures; Combined or electromagnetically coupled arrangements, e.g. comprising two or more non-connected fed radiating elements
    • H01Q5/42Imbricated or interleaved structures; Combined or electromagnetically coupled arrangements, e.g. comprising two or more non-connected fed radiating elements using two or more imbricated arrays
    • H04W16/00Network planning, e.g. coverage or traffic planning tools; Network deployment, e.g. resource partitioning or cells structures
    • H04W16/24Cell structures
DE1999610847 1999-10-26 1999-10-26 Ineinandergeschachtelte mehrbandgruppenantennen Active DE69910847D1 (de)

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PCT/ES1999/000343 WO2001031747A1 (es) 1999-10-26 1999-10-26 Agrupaciones multibanda de antenas entrelazadas

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DE69910847D1 true DE69910847D1 (de) 2003-10-02



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DE1999610847 Active DE69910847D1 (de) 1999-10-26 1999-10-26 Ineinandergeschachtelte mehrbandgruppenantennen
DE1999610847 Active DE69910847T4 (de) 1999-10-26 1999-10-26 Ineinandergeschachtelte mehrbandgruppenantennen

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DE1999610847 Active DE69910847T4 (de) 1999-10-26 1999-10-26 Ineinandergeschachtelte mehrbandgruppenantennen

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WO (1) WO2001031747A1 (de)

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