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    • G06F11/00Error detection; Error correction; Monitoring
    • G06F11/07Responding to the occurrence of a fault, e.g. fault tolerance
    • G06F11/14Error detection or correction of the data by redundancy in operation
    • G06F11/1402Saving, restoring, recovering or retrying
    • G06F11/1446Point-in-time backing up or restoration of persistent data
    • G06F11/1458Management of the backup or restore process
    • G06F11/1464Management of the backup or restore process for networked environments
DE1998612267 1997-10-14 1998-07-31 Fernsicherungssystem Expired - Lifetime DE69812267T2 (de)

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GBGB9721637.8A GB9721637D0 (en) 1997-10-14 1997-10-14 Remote backup system

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DE69812267D1 true DE69812267D1 (de) 2003-04-24
DE69812267T2 DE69812267T2 (de) 2004-01-15



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DE1998612267 Expired - Lifetime DE69812267T2 (de) 1997-10-14 1998-07-31 Fernsicherungssystem

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EP (1) EP0910019B1 (de)
DE (1) DE69812267T2 (de)
GB (1) GB9721637D0 (de)

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EP0910019A3 (de) 1999-07-28
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EP0910019A2 (de) 1999-04-21

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