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Image processing device and method


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    • G06T11/002D [Two Dimensional] image generation
    • G06T11/001Texturing; Colouring; Generation of texture or colour
DE69727414T 1996-04-02 1997-03-27 Image processing device and method Expired - Lifetime DE69727414T2 (en)

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JP08001096A JP3630835B2 (en) 1996-04-02 1996-04-02 Image processing method
JP8001096 1996-04-02

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DE69727414D1 true DE69727414D1 (en) 2004-03-11
DE69727414T2 DE69727414T2 (en) 2004-12-23



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DE69727414T Expired - Lifetime DE69727414T2 (en) 1996-04-02 1997-03-27 Image processing device and method

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