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    • G11B17/00Guiding record carriers not specifically of filamentary or web form, or of supports therefor
    • G11B17/02Details
    • G11B17/022Positioning or locking of single discs
    • G11B17/028Positioning or locking of single discs of discs rotating during transducing operation
    • G11B17/0282Positioning or locking of single discs of discs rotating during transducing operation by means provided on the turntable
DE1997621202 1996-12-18 1997-12-17 Plattenhalterung Expired - Fee Related DE69721202T2 (de)

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JP33789596 1996-12-18
JP33789596A JP3355973B2 (ja) 1996-12-18 1996-12-18 ディスク保持装置
JP17937397 1997-07-04
JP17937397 1997-07-04

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DE69721202D1 true DE69721202D1 (de) 2003-05-28
DE69721202T2 DE69721202T2 (de) 2004-03-25



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DE1997621202 Expired - Fee Related DE69721202T2 (de) 1996-12-18 1997-12-17 Plattenhalterung

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US (1) US6041033A (de)
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KR (1) KR100278595B1 (de)
CN (1) CN1123878C (de)
DE (1) DE69721202T2 (de)
MY (1) MY125451A (de)
TW (1) TW358198B (de)

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TW358198B (en) 1999-05-11
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