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Suitcase type accesoire for motor vehicles


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DE1996604646 1995-08-04 1996-08-02 Suitcase type accesoire for motor vehicles Expired - Fee Related DE69604646D1 (en)

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FR9509505A FR2737447B1 (en) 1995-08-04 1995-08-04 Accessory type utility platform for a motor vehicle
PCT/FR1996/001238 WO1997006028A1 (en) 1995-08-04 1996-08-02 Case type accessory for motor vehicles
US08/863,247 US5984347A (en) 1995-08-04 1997-05-27 Accessory in the form of an attache case for motor vehicle

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DE69604646D1 true DE69604646D1 (en) 1999-11-18



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DE1996604646 Expired - Fee Related DE69604646D1 (en) 1995-08-04 1996-08-02 Suitcase type accesoire for motor vehicles

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WO (1) WO1997006028A1 (en)

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