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The mobile communication method


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DE1995618051 1994-11-02 1995-10-30 The mobile communication method Expired - Lifetime DE69518051T2 (en)

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JP27001594 1994-11-02
JP10450395A JP2947118B2 (en) 1994-11-02 1995-04-28 Mobile communication method

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DE69518051T2 true DE69518051T2 (en) 2001-03-22



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DE1995618051 Expired - Fee Related DE69518051D1 (en) 1994-11-02 1995-10-30 The mobile communication method
DE1995618051 Expired - Lifetime DE69518051T2 (en) 1994-11-02 1995-10-30 The mobile communication method

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DE1995618051 Expired - Fee Related DE69518051D1 (en) 1994-11-02 1995-10-30 The mobile communication method

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