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    • G06T9/00Image coding, e.g. from bit-mapped to non bit-mapped
    • G06T9/007Transform coding, e.g. discrete cosine transform
DE1992627553 1991-08-15 1992-08-13 Datenstromgenerator Expired - Lifetime DE69227553D1 (de)

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US07745640 US5349348A (en) 1991-08-15 1991-08-15 Multi-mode data stream generator

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DE69227553D1 true DE69227553D1 (de) 1998-12-17



Family Applications (2)

Application Number Title Priority Date Filing Date
DE1992627553 Expired - Lifetime DE69227553D1 (de) 1991-08-15 1992-08-13 Datenstromgenerator
DE1992627553 Expired - Lifetime DE69227553T2 (de) 1991-08-15 1992-08-13 Datenstromgenerator

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DE1992627553 Expired - Lifetime DE69227553T2 (de) 1991-08-15 1992-08-13 Datenstromgenerator

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US (1) US5349348A (de)
JP (1) JPH0817444B2 (de)
DE (2) DE69227553D1 (de)
EP (1) EP0528642B1 (de)

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JPH0817444B2 (ja) 1996-02-21 grant
EP0528642A3 (de) 1995-02-15 application
JPH05211616A (ja) 1993-08-20 application
US5349348A (en) 1994-09-20 grant
EP0528642B1 (de) 1998-11-11 grant
EP0528642A2 (de) 1993-02-24 application
JP2103154C (de) grant
DE69227553T2 (de) 1999-07-01 grant

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